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I'm an aquarius and yes, I do believe in the signs of zodiac :) I believe pretty much in everything (UFOs, reincarnation, ghosts, magic), I love animals (especially cats and ducks), am a vegetarian and will not buy anything tested on animals. I enjoy learning foreign languages, I speak Russian (my native), Polish, English, French as well as some basic Spanish and Italian (I'm also learning Dutch). As for reading... well, yes, I'm doing that all the time :) I love Russian, English and French classics, as well as typical chick-lit and thrillers, and there really is no genre I don't like at all, if it's well-written and has a good plot.


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Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy

Brandwashed: How Marketers and Advertisers Obscure the Truth, Manipulate Our Minds, and Persuade Us to Buy - Martin Lindstrom This book was amazing. I couldn't put it down at times, just like a thriller.Yes, as (hopefully) conscious consumers we are pretty aware of some (if not most) of the tricks Lindstrom writes about. However, seeing them all in one place, together with the scientific research and all the related data is really astonishing, to say nothing of the degree to which so many corporations disregard our privacy - something I tried not to think about before this book. Too late for me now though - my FB account will definitely have to go. I read some of the reviews and was really surprised that some readers found the author's tone "condescending". I think he's far from that. After all, he himself falls for the very same tricks he spent his life creating, so he doesn't at all place himself above us, the stupid crowd. This book reminds me of "Poorly Made in China" by Paul Milder, in that it feels like an attempt to assuage his conscience. Now that I'm through with "Brandwashed", I cannot look at all the ads surrounding me with the same eyes as before. I realize now how they are supposed to work and who they want to target. I know why the goods in my supermarket are placed the way they are. And I've already spared myself some money by not buying things I was tempted to - just by reminding myself how the way they are packed and marketed may have influenced my decision.To sum it up: Brandwashed is an excellent read which I recommend to all.